Subversion setup and configuration

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Enabling edition of log comments

Copy the code below into a text file and name it pre-revprop-change.bat and save it in the /hooks subdirectory for your repository.

<source lang="dos"> @ECHO OFF

Set all parameters. Even though most are not used, in case you want to add
changes that allow, for example, editing of the author or addition of log messages.

set repository=%1 set revision=%2 set userName=%3 set propertyName=%4 set action=%5

Only allow the log message to be changed, but not author, etc.

if /I not "%propertyName%" == "svn:log" goto ERROR_PROPNAME

Only allow modification of a log message, not addition or deletion.

if /I not "%action%" == "M" goto ERROR_ACTION

Make sure that the new svn:log message is not empty.

set bIsEmpty=true for /f "tokens=*" %%g in ('find /V ""') do ( set bIsEmpty=false ) if "%bIsEmpty%" == "true" goto ERROR_EMPTY

goto :eof


echo Empty svn:log messages are not allowed. >&2 goto ERROR_EXIT


echo Only changes to svn:log messages are allowed. >&2 goto ERROR_EXIT


echo Only modifications to svn:log revision properties are allowed. >&2 goto ERROR_EXIT


exit /b 1 </source>

How to update Subversion the nicest way?

Typically you install the lastest version of subversion, then run "svnadmin upgrade" (which often does nothing at all - repository format upgrades are rare).

You should, of course, take a backup first.

The upgrade notes are part of the release notes.