Escort EGC-2230

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<google>ENGELSK</google> The Escort EGC-2230 uses seven segments CS-319E H with common cathode

The data for CS319E is: Max Lion Electronics Inc. :: Seven-Segment Numeric LED Display - Common cathode, RHDP Specsheet / Datasheet

  • Package Style (Basic)=DIP
  • Number of Characters=1
  • Connection Type=Comm Cath.
  • Color=Orange
  • Character Height (mm)=9.2
  • Peak Wavelength (m)=635n
  • Iv Min.(cd) Luminous Intensity=4.0m
  • @I(F) (A) (Test Condition)=20m
  • V(F) Max.(V) Forward Voltage=2.8
  • @I(F) (A) (Test Condition)=20m
  • I(R) Max. (A) Reverse Current=100u
  • I(F) Max. (A) Forward Current=20m
  • V(RRM) (V) Rep.Pk.Rev. Voltage=5
  • Package=DIP


315HDR 315SURWA 316IDB 315GWA 
Färg: Röd Röd Röd-orange Grön 
Våglängd: 697 nm 632 nm 635 nm 565 nm 
Frontens färg: Röd Grå Svart Grå 
Koppling: Gem katod Gem katod Gem anod Gem katod 
Ljusstyrka/segment: 0,3 mcd typ 1,4 mcd typ 1,8 mcd typ 1,3 mcd typ 
vid 10 mA vid 2 mA vid 10 mA vid 10 mA 
Max ström / segment: 25 mA 30 mA 30 mA 25 mA 
VF /segment: 2,1 V max 2,0 V max 2,0 V typ 2,1 V typ