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Removing libwdi drivers

Like many of other folks, I've used the libwdi package with a "Zadig" tool for manipulating the drivers.

So, if you are trying to remove libwdi installed USB drivers (libusbK, libusb-win32, winusb) with zadig, and it returns error you can try the pnputil.exe tool. It's included with windows.

It's easy to achieve what you want with:

1. List all 3rd party inf packages by:
> pnputil.exe -e > somefile.txt

2. Then look for "libwdi" string in somefile.txt Example:

Published name : oem134.inf
Driver package provider :
Class : Urządzenia uniwersalnej magistrali szeregowej
Driver date and version : 06/02/2012 6.1.7600.16385
Signer name : USB\VID_046D&PID_C019 (libwdi autogenerated)

Now all you need is the command below for reach entry found:
> pnptuil.exe -d oem134.inf

PS. Make sure the devices using the drivers above are not connected and that you running commands with admin priveleges assigned. (command prompt in admin mode).