How to download and transcode video and audio

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Show all YouTube video's available formats

youtube-dl.exe -all-formats<id>

Download YouTube video in .mp4 format

youtube-dl.exe -f mp4<id>

Download YouTube video in all available formats

youtube-dl.exe -all-formats<id>

Extract .aac from downloaded YouTube video

ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe -i <filename>.mp4 -vn -acodec copy <filename>.aac

Extract lossless flac from .mp4 video

ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe -i <filename>.mp4 -vn -f flac -compression_level 8 <filename>.flac

  • -compression_level 8 doesnt give much compression, but it will be a bit smaller
  • -f flac is not nessesary, .flac as filename is enough