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Playing and recording video on your PC or TV

Free open source programs


Error installing MediaPortal on computers with VIA motherboard

If you receive errors like: Product: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition -- Error 29503. The SQL Server service failed to start. For more information, see the SQL Server Books Online topics, "How to: View SQL Server 2005 Setup Log Files" and "Starting SQL Server Manually." The error is (1067) The process terminated unexpectedly.

The description for Event ID ( 17311 ) in Source ( MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: c000001d.

It might be because your CPU don't support prefetching: The computer on which you try to install SQL Server Express or SQL Server Express with Advanced Services is equipped with a CPU that does not support cache prefetching.
You can't install SQLExpress on CPUs including VIA Eden CPUs and Transmeta. Typically, these CPUs are used in devices when low power consumption, low heat, or low noise is important.


XBMC - XBox Media Center

Nate's DigitalWatch DTV watching and recording program to for DVB-T

VLC media player can play ANYTHING!


Hardware for recording video

Hardware for a HTPC - Home theater PC

Asrock Vision 3D

Asrock 330HT-BD

Silencing an Asrock PC

Intel DG45FC motherboard

AOpen Digital Engine

hFX micro M2

HFX Micro M2 Black/Black DKR 1399
HFX EF14 External PSU DKR 799
HFX Micro BorgFX Desktop Heatpipe DKR 549
HFX Micro Riser PCIe 1x card DKR 129
Total price DKR 1399+799+549+129=2876

DG45FC motherboard DKR 980
E5200 CPU DKR 487
RAM 2 stk KVR800D2N5/2G 2GB PC2-6400 DKR 300
Total price DKR 980+487+300=1767

2876 + 1767 = 4643

ATX20 pin til ATX24 pin Pris

Q6600 versus E5200 ?

hFX micro M2 - Compatibility List

hFX micro M2 - Installation manuals:

The cheap solution

Choosing a CPU

General issues

Connectors and pinouts

Links about receiving, recording and editing TV from a PC

Forums tips and discussions


DVD / DVB Subtitle format

TS Streams

Online Magazines