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USB Driver problems

If the USB driver fails to load when the phone is in bootloader mode, install PdaNet for Android, and it's USB driver.

You can uninstall PdaNet after the USB drivers are installed, and the USB drivers will still work.
The usb drivers is installed in C:\Program Files\PdaNet for Android\usbwin or C:\Program Files (x86)\PdaNet for Android\usbwin.
To verify that the driver is working, set your phone in bootloader mode, and use the fastboot devices command, it should show the list of attached devices if the driver is working.

When phone won't see OTA update or when manual update fails

Do the following

  1. Manage apps - ALL - Google Services Framework
    • Press Force stop
    • Clear Data
  2. Reboot phone
  3. System settings - About phone - System updates
    • Press Check now
  4. The phone should now show update to x.x.x is available
How to boot into recovery mode
  1. Power off your phone
  2. While the phone is off, press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  3. Use the volume button to scroll through the menu options and press power to select "Recovery Mode"
  4. Once the Recovery Mode screen has come up (green android with red warning sign), press Power + Volume Up to bring up the menu
Microsoft Exchange troubleshooting
  1. Dial *#*#36245#*#* (36245 spells "EMAIL")
  2. Select "Enable extra debug logging" and "Enable exchange sd card logging"

This will start a log in the /sdcard/ root folder and the log will tell you if your phone is connecting with your exchange host.

Nexus S - Firmware download



If you have Gingerbread 2.3.1 you can use this method first without loosing data:

Then you can install Titanium Backup, and back up your system.

After backing everything up, unlock the phone, this will wipe all applications, data and the SD card.

Upgrade to 2.3.3 (this will unroot the phone again).
Use one of the two methods (the last is the easy one):

Regain root access after upgrading Nexus S from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6

Android manual updating

Complete Factory Images
How to find the locations of the update files

You enable USB debugging on your phone (Settings | Applications), then download aLogCat from the market. When you get the OTA, check aLogCat and filter on ".cli" (without the quotes) and you'll find the link there.

List of different Nexus S models
Model number Notable differences
GT-I9020 or GT-I9020T 900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz UMTS, Super AMOLED
GT-I9020A 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz UMTS, Super AMOLED
GT-I9023 900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz UMTS, Super Clear LCD
SPH-D720 CDMA2000, 4G WiMAX, Super AMOLED
SHW-M200 900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz UMTS, Super AMOLED

Read more here: Nexus S - Wikipedia and here: Nexus S Variants - XDA

Known locations for Nexus S GT-I9020T updates
Other Nexus S Variants OTA Update links

fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-

Google Nexus S

Will the GPS chip be Broadcom BCM4751 as in Samsungs Galaxy S?

Using Nexus S from US in DK

What's inside

Samsung Galaxy 2

Update SDK

  1. cd to your 'android-sdk-windows' folder
  2. From the command-line you can also directly trigger an update by executing: ' tools\android.bat update sdk'
  3. Start eclipse
  4. Select 'Help - Check for updates'

Add Android device for developing

You have to select browse when adding driver and point to your 'android-sdk-windows'

Emulator commands

Start emulator

emulator -avd <MyDevice>

Show emulators running

adb devices

Install program (-s <devicename> not nessesary if only one is running)

adb -s <devicename> install <program.apk>

Gui design



Boot order

Android web sites

Android source

Decompiling / Reverse engineering Android Apps

Guide to decompiling Android App to source code


Outlook and Exchange sync

Exchange Server

NB:'s mail server is Read more about and troubleshooting here.

Apps for android

Set Locale

Custom Locale allows you to modify the Locale of your Android device to anything you like.


Display custom notification icons/dots on the screen. It was developed for the Samsung Galaxy S which lacks a physical dedicated LED.


Smart car navigation software for mobile phones. Taking a stroll with pedestrian navigation.


Mono on Android



Nokia CK-7W will ecco on callees side if phones bluetooth Class of Device (COD) is set to Smartphone. On Windows CE it is set in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\Sys\COD

0x5A020C = smart phone  0x52020C = normal cell phone
  1. I tried altering the CoD parameters in the /system/etc/bluetooth/main.conf file, but it seems that this file isn't even being used (or at least the CoD isn't) and is simply a default.
  1. I tried installing hciconfig and changing the CoD that way, but hciconfig is unable to find any bluetooth devices. least not on Samsung

Bluetooth redirect discussions
Route Navigation audio to radio


Reverse engineering

Exchange ActiveSync and other sync

Java implementation of the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API. This API gives developers programmatic access to Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and above.





NTLM and java


Text To Speech TTS

The SpeechSynthesis class provides a high-level api to create and play synthesized speech. This class is used internally to talk to a native TTS library that implements the interface defined in frameworks/base/include/tts/TtsEngine.h

eSpeak is a compact open source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages, for Linux and Windows.

Google I/O




Eclipse and UML

Green UML

Fantastic simple UML tool, thet can create UML diagrams from code!

Manual installation of plugins (dropins folder)

If you’re using Plugins where no Software Site is available, then you can use the Dropins folder in your Eclipse installation directory.

To do this put the plugin into Eclipse "dropins" folder and restart Eclipse. Eclipse should detect the new plugin and install it for you.

To create UML diagram from code right click in Package Explorer in Eclipse and select Green UML in the context menu.

Eclipse UML2 Tools

UML2 Tools SDK* UML with Eclipse Tutorial

Galileo -

Install the following plugin: UML2 Tools SDK

Android C native development

Other stuff

External GPS

Other android sites



Bluetooth Car Kits

Don't use Nokia CK-7W, if it is used with a smartphone the callee will hear echo.

Car Holders

Desktop Dock


Android Phone Reviews

Samsung GPS problems

Android applications