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How to make a call directly to an <ip address> or <host name> using PAP2

Direct call

If you want to call enter 192*168*0*5# on your phone.

Using speed dial

  1. Log in on your PAP2 box as administrator, with a web browser.
  2. Switch to switch to advanced view.
  3. On the buttom left of the "'Line 1"' tab set Enable IP Dialing to yes
  4. On the User 1 tab set Speed Dial 2 to one off the following:
    1. <some name>@<hostname>
    2. <ip address>
    3. <phone number>@<ip address or hostname>
  5. Make a call by dialing 2#

Have fun :-) You can do the same for Speed Dial 3 to 9

To directly access the Administrator account level privilege

Use the following URL: http://<ip address>/admin or http://<ip address>/admin/advanced.

If you want to know more about configuring Sipura / Linksys VOIP boxes

Read this manual:

Linksys ATA Administrator Guide

This document is written for the following audience:

  • Service providers offering services using Linksys VoIP products
  • VARs and resellers who need configuration information for Linksys VoIP products
  • System administrators
  • Do it yourself people who need some documentation