How to make Dell 13-1 Card Reader TEAC CA-200 read 32GB SDHC SD cards

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Download TEAC CA-200 firmware 4.08 R176603.exe from Dell and install it.

They say the Fixes and Enhancements is:

Additional Memory Card Formats supported:

  1. SD-HC 8 GB - Secure Digital High Capacity
  2. Micro-SD - Micro-size Secure Digital (adaptor required)
  3. MS-Micro - Micro-size Memory Stick (adaptor required)

Faster Transfer Rate supported:

  1. MMC4 - MultiMedia Card Plus
  2. RS-MMC4 - Reduced Size MultiMedia Card
  3. MMC Micro - Micro-size MultiMedia Card

But it also works with 32GB SDHC.

The cardreader has been sold with following systems:

  • Dimension:5100, 5100C, 9100, 9150, C521, DC051, DM051, DM061, DV051, DXC051, DXC061, DXP051, DXP061, E521, XPS (Gen 5)
  • Inspiron Desktop:530, 530S, 531, 531S; OptiPlex:740, 745, 745c, 755
  • Precision:380, 390, 490, 690, T3400, T5400, T7400
  • Vostro Desktop:200, 400; XPS:420, DXG051, DXG061, XPS 720, XPS710