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Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

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The Danish geocaching page.

View Geocaches in Google Earth

Best Pocket PC GPS Software

BeeLineGPS is the best software for geocaching with a Pocket PC. You can download Pocket Query's from geocaching and load the GPX's into BeeLineGPS. BeelineGPS can the browse all the cache cache details from the GPX file, and show you all the information about the cache just like it looks at

VisualGPSce is a free Pocket PC application that displays GPS data.

Run many GPS applications using one GPS! If you are using a version of Pocket PC prior to Windows Mobile 5.0 your GPS device can only be used from one application at a time. GpsGate makes it possible to run several applications against the same GPS device.

WiFiFoFum The best WiFi scanner for Windows Mobile. It's free.

Best PC GPS Software

VisualGPS (Freeware) incorporates many advanced features found in professional programs.

Articles about GPS software from Pocket PC MAGAZINE

Other Pocket PC GPS Software

Other Links

POCKETGPSWORLD has a lot of reviews of both hardware and software.

Geodetic Coordinate Systems

Great Britain and Ireland Location Information

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